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Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

New Filofax Line - Classic Croc

The Email I received yesterday from Filofax UK led me to their new released line: Classic Croc. (Read more)
As a original Filofax lover for so long, I have been excited: A new line? A Luxury line? (They called it "Ultimate Luxury"!!!)
Using Gillio Firenze Compagna or Van der Spek Standard Custom made organisers for the last years, mostly because of the Wallet Pocket and the luxurous leathers, these new line caught my attention. 
I couldn´t resist and ordered the Personal Compact (I´m currently using this size.) in all three colours. (Well, it has been almost impossible to make a decision... ;o  ) (Order here)
Note: I ordered yesterday!!! Filofax shipped yetersday evening and the parcel made its way to Germany in just one day!
I´d like to introduce you now to the new Luxury Filofax line "Classic Croc"... (drum roll):


 The new Luxury line comes in beautiful newly designed boxes:

The first one I unboxed was the Chestnut Brown one. Let´s let the pictures speak for themselves:

Filofax  definitely has listened to their customers: The binder is lying flat right out of the box! :-)
And look at the covered zipper, so that inserts could not be damaged. 
On the left side we have a gusseted zipper pocket and a slip pocket behind it. On the right hand the same slip pocket behind and seven card slots.

Remarkable is the big Wallet Pocket, which allows to store bigger formats in the back. I´m using this for folded A4 - or full A5 paper. Perfect in my opinion.

Another new feature is the elastic pen loop. This is full elastic, the leather part is just kind of a cover:

The second colour they´re offering is Indigo. Like all Blue tones it is very hard to show the true colour in pics - the Indigo is not as vibrant in real life and a little bit more like a jeans tone.

The third colour is called Fawn - in real life it is a little bit more Beige than on my pics. (On the box it is called Taupe.) Well, neither Fawn nor Taupe describes it in my opinion. I´d call it Beige.

Not sure, which one to keep yet - I think it might be the Chestnut. :-)

All in all: Filofax really did a great job! This is definitely a luxury organiser!