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Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

Welcome "Franzie"

After three and a half long weeks waiting I´ve got her today - my beautiful Personal Ostrich Buttercup!

May I introduce you to the wonderful Franzie:

As you may have read in several reviews of this binder, the leather it as soft as could be... wow!
Even the little bumps all over the surface are extremely soft...

The high quality inside:

As usual I´ve moved in immediately:


...although I archieved all the 2013 inserts...

At last I have to explain the name: In the fifties, sexties and seventies we had in Germany a very popular Bavarian politician, called "Franz Josef Strauß" ("Strauß" is the German word for "ostrich" as well as for "bunch of flowers")... and as my Ostrich is a girl, I named her not "Franz", but "Franzie". :-)


  1. Franzie is lovely! I'm so tempted but oh gosh; lemme first settle into A Filofax!

  2. Antworten
    1. Thanks, Anita... but is she more beautiful than the Ascot? ;-)))

  3. Hihi, die Namensfindung find ich klasse! Wunderhübsch is sie