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Samstag, 11. Januar 2014


Let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful Gillio Firenze Compagna organisers, the Epoca Cream/Darkbrown:    "Tiffany"

Is is always so exciting, when the postman rings the doorbell with a Gillio parcel in his hands:

And these are the contens:
The beautiful contrast stitching outside and the contrast leather inside are the special features of this model...

I´ve been a little bit worried about how delicate the surface of this light leather would be... but some sisters in the FB group told me that it is not as delicate...
That´s right - the leather has a different surface than my Black/Orange or my Darkbrown Epoca have... this is not so very smooth and soft, this one feels more "closed" (as if it is waterproof in a way...) - oh, help - I don´t know how to find the right words, especially in English...
Although the feeling is pleasant.

Here the beautiful inside:

It is interesting to compare it to my Darkbrown Epoca "Nougat" - Nougat´s brown is lighter on the outside, but darker inside:

You know me: I´ve moved in immediately!

This morning: "Breakfast with Tiffany" ;-)

Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

Welcome "Franzie"

After three and a half long weeks waiting I´ve got her today - my beautiful Personal Ostrich Buttercup!

May I introduce you to the wonderful Franzie:

As you may have read in several reviews of this binder, the leather it as soft as could be... wow!
Even the little bumps all over the surface are extremely soft...

The high quality inside:

As usual I´ve moved in immediately:


...although I archieved all the 2013 inserts...

At last I have to explain the name: In the fifties, sexties and seventies we had in Germany a very popular Bavarian politician, called "Franz Josef Strauß" ("Strauß" is the German word for "ostrich" as well as for "bunch of flowers")... and as my Ostrich is a girl, I named her not "Franz", but "Franzie". :-)

Sonntag, 5. Januar 2014

Ready for 2014

Being ready for a new year means to archive the year before...

As I´ve shown you last year in this post, I love to use the FC Compact binders with the extra big rings for my archive:

Last year I only owned the red one (and another FC, which I sold) and was happy to get my hands on another organiser of this kind last year, a black one:

They are completely made of patent leather, gorgeous and something special.

The second "special" is the beautiful clasp:

But the most exciting are the amazing rings, 40mm (1,5") diameter.

The Red holds the years 2012 and 2013...

.... and the Black 2014 so far...

How do you archive the passed years?