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Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

Back home again - the beautiful Ascot

Perhaps few of you remember Anitas post on Philofaxy about 13 months ago Going Vintage, where she presented her beautiful Vintage Ascot Black, which she had purchased from me in October 2012.
I had bought it via Ebay and loved it, but these were still my Compact size days... so I sold it to her...

Though it came in loving hands, I soon afterwards got sellers remorse... :-(
After I moved from Compact in Personal size, I longed for an Ascot again.
As you know, Anita helped me to purchase the gorgeous Ascot in Royal Blue... it has been such as beautiful as the Black one... but: really?
No, it has never been the same.

A few weeks ago, Anita posted about coming back to her Crimson Malden.
I contacted her and asked her to think about me when she would be selling the Ascot...
And today I´m happy to show you my lovely Ascot Black, being at home with me again:

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  1. I'm so glad that the beautiful Ascot is back home with you, & thanks for letting me look after it!
    After a nice holiday in the UK, it is back with you where it belongs :)